Time For New Appliances? When Is The Best Time To Buy?

Is your home in need of new appliances?  What are the options and when should you buy?

Best Time To Buy

New white appliance trend
Not your 80’s appliance

Typically the best time to buy an appliance is during the fall.  September and October.  There is an exception to this.  It’s best to buy a refrigerator during May.  During the fall, retailers discount prices to make way for the new models.  Most appliances have a market up of 10% to 25%.   With a package deal, this can be a significant savings.  Smaller appliances have a larger market up, therefore, larger discounts can apply.

What’s New

There are many new options for appliances.  Stainless still is still popular but a new white trend is coming into play.  It’s not the white appliances of the 1980’s but a more polished look.  It has a high tech finish, stainless steel handles, and a more glossy finish. The stainless steel appliance will change to a stainless “black finish”.

Black stainless steel

Another appliance that is new for 2017-2018 is the steam oven.  Convention oven is teamed with steam for a moister cooking experience.  The oven’s unique digital technology senses the amount and size of the food, and automatically adjusts all the details of cooking.  Wolf has different models for the cooking enthusiast.

If your taste is a retro look then try the 50’s look again.  These are modern appliances but the colors of the years gone by.  Your color options are endless.  Many of these retro appliances are ending up in the tiny home community.  They tend to be smaller in size and trendy.

Options in Color

Whether you pick a traditional appliance or choose a more trendy option, the consumer report is always a good option to help research quality and customer satisfaction.  So whether you are a cooking novis or a newly wed starting to cook, your options are endless.  It’s just a matter of cost, color, personal preference.


Brought to you by:  Margaret Herdt