Make Your Home “Fall” Ready With Color and Smell

Fall can be a fun time to bring in different colors and smells to your home.
Colors of the Rainbow

Fall has a kind of warmth to it when it comes to decorating.  You can make your home “fall” ready by decorating with different colors or smells.    The most common smell for the fall is the apple or cinnamon.  You can change it up a bit by adding a touch of orange or  cloves or even vanilla.  The sense of smell has a very powerful trigger for memory.  For this reason, apple or cinnamon can remind your guest or buyers of family and Thanksgiving dinner.  Vanilla may remind them of mom’s cookies.  Most of these smells are pleasant and can make your home appealing to a home buyer.   Why not make your home feel like home to potential buyers? But beware.  To strong of scent can be a turn off.

When fall is in full swing, take a look at the colors.  All the colors in the rainbow can be seen during this time of year.  Colors have a certain meaning.  Did you know that orange symbolizes new beginnings.  Think of buying a home in the fall.  That’s a new beginning.  Many memories will be made in your new home.  Red symbolizes energy of the physical body.  Believe me, you are going to need energy to move into a home.  It’s a lot of work but one that is exciting and fulfilling.

The Changing of the Colors

Fall also represents change.  As the leaves turn from a luscious green to vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, the change reminds us that life is always changing.  Of course, nothing is constant in our journey of life.  The same is true for our homes.  Styles change in furniture, floors have gone from carpet to hardwood, oak cabinets are now white or hickory, and counter tops that once were formica are now granite or concrete.

Finally, engage your guest and buyers with a beautiful decorated fall home.  Let those pumpkins, fall wreaths, or smells entice people’s desire to feel cozy and comfortable in your home.   And who knows, maybe by stimulating the mind, you just might receive the offer of a lifetime.


Brought to you by:  Margaret Herdt