(Home Eclipse) Lighting – Dreary To Dramatic

With the solar eclipse a short time away, let’s think about lighting in our home.  “Home Eclipse”.  Lighting is an important element to utilize to add interest to a living space. With the right lighting techniques, a room can feel bigger, brighter, and more beautiful!  The solar eclipse will depend on the weather but when it occurs you might notice a different hue change, a more-slate color but not total darkness.  It’s like the different weather changes.  All of this effects the lighting in your home.  Why have drab fixtures?   Take your home from dreary to dramatic with these tips.

Use Ambient Lighting for Overall Feel

Ambient Lighting

Let the sunshine in! For spaces that are used primarily during the day, take advantage of the sunlight and install recessed lighting for the times of day when more light is needed. This home has a lot of natural light. Most of the time when you are showing your house it is going to be during the daylight hours. A bright sunny room is going to draw the attention of buyers whether they realize it or not.  During the eclipse, your home lighting may look different to the buyer.

Install Dimmer Switches for Mood

Change Lighting Look with Dimmer Switches

Your family room may be used for different activities, from watching a movie to working on a puzzle. You may also want to relax with a good book on the couch. When your room serves multiple purposes, use a dimmer switch to meet your every need. A downstairs family room that has less ambient light needs to have all of the switches turned on for showing times! In most cases, brighter is better. If that same room can be set up or used as a movie room, show off your dimmers. Buyers will appreciate the flexibility you have built into your home.


Add Accent to Highlight Features

Accent lights draw attention to a room’s focal point, such as a fireplace, artwork or feature wall. Options for accent lighting include recessed spotlights, track lights, sconces, up-lights, and even some decorative table and floor lamps. Make sure to turn on your under-cabinet counter

Accent lighting
Accent lighting

for showings even during the daytime. It is a feature that buyers enjoy but they won’t know it is there if you don’t show them.


Optimize Task Lighting for Specific Area Needs

Supplement ambient lighting with task lighting designed to provide brightness for a specific activity. Common places for task lighting include above the stove and counter tops, on bedside tables and computer desks, and over bathroom mirrors. This must be purposeful and fit in well with the design of your room. Replace that cheap yet functional reading lamp you have on your night stand with a more stylish lamp. You do not need to spend a lot of money to make your room have a dreamy feel!

Often overlooked, it can make your home feel warm, welcoming, and stylish without the buyer even knowing why they feel that way! Take advantage of some of these tips to help buyers fall in love with your home and don’t let the “home eclipse” dull your glow or change it to a color you don’t desire.

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