Prepare Your Home For Winter – 10 Tips

Northern Colorado in Autumn is a bright reminder that we live in an incredible place.

The leaves are changing, the scorching summer days are a thing of the past, and football has begun! As the season changes, it’s a great reminder to prepare your home for the winter months ahead.

10 things you can do to get your home “winter ready”.

  1. Trim tree branches – Check for any tree branches that are close to or touching the house. Furthermore, it can be a fire hazard.
  2. Disconnect Hoses – Remove all your garden hoses and store them  inside until spring. It’s recommended to cover all pipes and spigots.
  3. Winterize sprinkler system – Failure to properly drain your sprinklers can result in cracked and ruptured pipes and valves. To minimize risk, call a professional to blow out your system.
  4. Replace your furnace filter – This should be done every three months at a minimum, to prolong the life of your equipment.
  5. Clean your gutters –  By cleaning the gutters regularly  you can impact the life of the fascia and roof as well as direct any water away from the foundation. Remove all debris, flush them with water, check all downspouts, replace any old or damaged gutters.
  6. Inspect your roof – Visually inspect the roof for any loose or missing shingles or rusty flashing. Check that all rubber vent stacks, usually called boots, are not cracked.
  7. Check the condition of your exterior paint – Peeling paint can signal that the existing paint has started to fail and no longer protecting your siding. Left untreated, this can significantly damage your siding while leading to costly repairs.
  8. Caulk the cracks – Seal any cracks between the trim, siding, and windows with caulking and check that your weatherstripping is still effective. This will not only seal out any moisture,  but consequently lead to wasted energy.
  9. Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms for proper operation.  It’s a good time to replace the batteries and get a can of smoke and verify your smoke detector goes off.
  10. Reverse the ceiling fans – In the colder months, ceiling fan should be running clockwise at a low speed to redistribute the warmer air down the walls from the ceiling while drawing the cooler room air up toward the ceiling.

    Which Way Should My Fan Run In Winter
    Ceiling Fan Rotation


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